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of our story

We are Robert and Janee … the storytellers behind JR by Design. The process we use to tell your story is the product. Our art is the backbone. Janee tells tales through photography while Robert captivates through drawings that evoke movement and whimsy. Through these process-driven, storytelling mediums, we uncover and share stories in commissioned artwork, interior design, and branding.



Ever since we embarked on our design journey in 2017 as Tandem Art & Design in Savannah, Georgia, we have finessed our process as we renovated properties into works of art.

We rebranded to JR by Design in 2020 to take storytelling to a new level through commissioned artwork, branding, and the design of architectural/interior spaces. Today we offer clients six years of experience working together to create unique and authentic properties, brands, and works of art.

Among our recent works are a townhouse renovation project in Delafield, Wisconsin; a children’s nursery design and mural; and an Old Town house renovation project in Traverse City, Michigan.